At Quince Orchard Dental Care, our practice is a complete health practice, which means that while our specialty is oral health, we consider your overall health in everything we do. Educating our patients on the systemic link between the mouth and the body is one unique and very important aspect of our practice. We desire that our patients understand that the risk of contracting other inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other serious diseases can be raised by periodontal disease. A healthy mouth is free from biofilm, oral pain, calculus (tartar), oral cancer, sensitivity to hot and cold, bad breath, decay and gum disease.

If you or your children play sports or are involved in any kind of activity that may have body contact or flying equipment or the chance that you may bang your mouth (such as a hockey puck or a baseball bat) a mouth guard is a must! Consider it a standard piece of athletic equipment, just like the correct running shoes, soccer cleats, football and bicycle helmet, etc.

We also recommend mouth guards to patients that find themselves grinding their teeth during sleep to prevent wear and tear of the teeth. This small investment will save you not only the pain involved with cracked or broken teeth, but also the expense of replacing a natural tooth.

Preventive Dentistry incorporates knowledge and education that equips children and adults with the techniques they need to keep teeth clean, strong and white. At Quince Orchard Dental Care, we strive to provide attentive consultations that allow for us to delve a little deeper and provide education about proper dental care as well as your overall health. We believe that oral health is only one aspect of your overall health and that good overall health is paramount. We encourage you to come into our office and let us help you select a mouth guard that is right for you.

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