At Quince Orchard Dental Care, we believe that a healthy mouth translates to a healthy life. Our practice centers around the provision of high quality, professional and personalized dental services from our friendly, competent dentists. Whether you’re a child, teenager or an adult, you need strong, healthy teeth to chew your food, speak and smile. We are here to take care of your best feature, your teeth, whether natural or synthetic.

Endodontics is the branch of our dental practice geared towards the overall maintenance of teeth, including any damages or injuries that may occur to your dental pulp (the soft inner tissue of your teeth). Procedures involving the soft, inner tissue of the teeth, called pulp, are called Endodontic Therapy. It involves opening the tooth, removing damaged pulp, and then shaping, filling and sealing it. Our qualified and experienced endodontist and support staff are here to help you transform your smile. One factor that can threaten the health and aesthetics of your smile is a Traumatic Dental Injury.

Traumatic dental injuries often occur when you have had an accident or sports injury, usually resulting in teeth/tooth being chipped, fractured or knocked out completely. Sports accidents, automobile accidents or bad falls can all cause dental injuries. All dental injuries require examination by a dentist even if they appear mild. In addition, you may have sustained an injury and failed to notice that an injury has occured. For example, sometimes, neighboring teeth can be injured, and the injury may only be detected through dental exams or x-rays. If you’ve been involved in an accident, then it’s best to come in and have us verify that everything is okay.

The aim of our endodontic practice is to optimize the health and function of your teeth. Our endodontist and our highly trained dental team are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best endodontic care in the most comfortable setting. Through the use of advanced and appropriate dental technology, we guarantee the highest level of endodontic treatment and diagnostics, to produce the finest, most stable results. We encourage you to come in to our office to find out how we can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

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