Jary, pronounced Jar-E, was born and raised in Maryland. Her family is from a little beautiful country named Ecuador. She loves going back home and seeing where her family grew up. Jary is a Dental assistant during the day, and a crazy dog mom to 3 at night. She has one Micro bulldog, one Maltipooh, and one Jack Russell, all girls! One fun fact about Jary, is she has a twin sister! They are best friends and if she is not at work or with her dogs, she is with her sister. Jary also loves that they were born on Halloween! She also has an older brother that she is very close with.

Jary has been a dental assistant for over 7 years. She started back in 2015 when she was a senior in high school and needed to work a half day schedule. So she tried it and absolutely fell in love with dentistry. Jary always laughs about the fact that she grew up being terrified of the dentists, but now loves being able to relate to her nervous patients. Jary loves continuing to learn about all the latest in dentistry, as well as teaching her patients about their oral health. She loves her patients so much and absolutely loves to care for and help others.  

Jary has been a wonderful addition to our Quince Orchard Dental Family!

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