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Adult sharing candy to children

Best And Worst Halloween Candy Options For Children’s Teeth

Knowyourteeth.com | October 26, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner and although candy consumption is almost unavoidable this time of year, the Academy Of General Dentistry (AGD) wants parents and children to know that there are both good and bad candy options, both of which may find their way into children’s trick-or-treat bags this fall...

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Photo of Dr Lauren Lewis

Dr. Lauren Lewis - Pediatric Dentist With A Heart As Big As Her Smile!

Staff | September 24, 2018

Meet the radiant Dr. Lauren Lewis, whose heart is as big as her smile and her drive for helping others.  Her ability to make her little patients feel comfortable and a part of our family are just a few of the things that make her one of the best pediatric dentists in the area!


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Photo of a little boy in costume eating a cookie

How To Have A Tooth-Friendly Halloween

Colgate.com | September 24, 2018

Trick or treat! With Halloween right around the corner, that statement only means one thing; children are at your door ready to collect their candy and your child is likely to bring home bulging bags of candy which can easily translate into cavities. Have no fear, here’s how you and your children can have a tooth friendly Halloween this year!

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