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Photo of someone squeezing toothpaste on their toothbrush

Many Children Are Overdoing It On The Toothpaste, C.D.C. Study Says

Julia Jacobs | May 04, 2019

Many parents are squeezing potentially unhealthy amounts of toothpaste on their children’s brushes, health officials warned. Here’s why using the correct amount matters…

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Photo of Dr. Lauren Lewis

Quince Orchard Dental Care Celebrates Dr. Lauren Lewis!

Staff | April 05, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Lewis on your hard work and dedication being recognized and appreciated.

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Photo of candy

The Complete Guide To Easter Candy

Mark Burhenne DDS | April 05, 2019

Chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and the Easter bunny are just some of the delights that make Easter a time to look forward to. Before you and your children excitedly unwrap your chocolate bunnies though, here are some dental tips you should keep in mind.

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