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When Will We Be Able To Reopen?

When Will We Be Able To Reopen?

When Will We Be Able To Reopen?

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is in a state of uncertainty as it is having wide-ranging impacts on our everyday lives. Many of you (our patients)  have been reaching out regarding when we will be able to reopen. As You read this, Maryland has no immediate plans to lift its stay-at-home order, and it’s unclear when our lives will go back to “normal.” Normal is a bit of a misnomer—things will never again be as they were. COVID-19 has laid upon us a distinct “before” and “after.” Practicing dentistry in the “after” will require a renewed sense of teamwork, and we have been working hard to make sure that our team and facility is ready when that day comes. There are many things we have done and will be doing in the next few weeks to help make sure when we return to work we have great protocols in place and the safest environment for our team and patients. We will share these protocols and new equipment and technology with you as we get closer to reopening.

As for when we will reopen, the short and honest answer is we HOPE JUNE 1st but, “we don’t know!” As stated before, the Governor and the Maryland Department of Health will make that decision. At his latest press conference, Governor Hogan announced the State’s plans to begin moving forward with its phased-in reopening. However, he also added several factors that need to be achieved before services will reopen, including having a sustained period of decreased cases of COVID-19. 

It is projected that Maryland’s new cases of COVID-19 will peak by mid May. Based on that information, and as long as the number of new cases continues to go down for a few weeks, we are then hopeful that we can get back to serving the community for non-emergency procedures by Monday June 1st. 

We will update everyone in late May with hopefully good news about opening back up on June 1st. Just to be clear we are canceling all elective procedures in May and we will continue to follow the recommendations of the governor and the Maryland Department of Health on when to reopen.

A dental practice is a team of professionals who work to improve the health and wellbeing of a community. Our building has been mostly closed for 7 weeks now, but our practice has been up and running, but in a much different way. Quince Orchard Dental Family has been open for all emergency procedures during this Pandemic. We have received many calls from people in our community who are not our patients seeking help because their dentist is not open or unavailable.

We would like you to know our front desk is available to schedule you for any emergencies you may be having and also to answer all of your questions and concerns. Dr. Rouhanian has been coming in to address all General Dentistry Emergencies, Dr. Lewis has been addressing all Pediatric Emergencies, Dr. Kang has been addressing all Orthodontic Emergencies and Dr. Rastogi has been addressing all of our Endodontic Emergencies.

Everyone’s safety matters, and minimizing the risk of disease transmission and keeping everyone protected is of utmost importance. Please continue to stay home and keep yourself and your families healthy and safe. The sooner we can stop the spread of COVID-19, the sooner we can go back to a state of normalcy. We thank you for understanding and being in this fight together!

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