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What You Should Know About Regina Soares

What You Should Know About Regina Soares

What You Should Know About Regina Soares

In 2015, Quince Orchard Dental Care welcomed another outstanding individual to our team. Regina Soares has been doing an amazing job as our Insurance Coordinator. Even though she initially came on board with experience in a different industry, Regina was a quick learner and excelled at her job. 

When asked what she loved most about working in the dentistry field, she responded: “I love the fact that I have been able to help so many people that I know by just bringing them for a consultation and making them feel welcomed, comfortable, relaxed on the first visit, and confident in the treatment recommended by our professionals.” Regina takes pride in doing her absolute best in helping patients get the treatments they deserve. 

In her spare time, Regina enjoys bike riding, hiking, and camping with her kids and friends. Summer is her favorite time of the year so she enjoys it to the fullest! When it comes to those cold winter days, a warm Brazilian dish sure hits the spot! Not only are Regina's children able to enjoy her great cooking, but they are also able to learn from her. She loves being able to teach her children how important it is to be honest, to learn from their mistakes, build a good character, focus on what is going to take them into a good life by following the right path and being able to choose the right thing at the right moment. 

Regina credits her strength and independence to the challenges she overcame in her personal life. Often described as fun, a good friend, hard worker, and energetic with an emotional side, Regina is a team member who makes everyday life at the practice even more enjoyable. She is one who takes her job very seriously and has learned that no matter what her role is in the practice, it should be accomplished with efficiency. So the next time you visit our practice, be sure to find out Regina’s secret to making a warm, delicious bowl of Feijoada!

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