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Welcoming Dr. Benjamin Porras To The Quince Orchard Dental Family!

Welcoming Dr. Benjamin Porras To The Quince Orchard Dental Family!

Welcoming Dr. Benjamin Porras To The Quince Orchard Dental Family!

The Quince Orchard Dental Family is made up of extraordinary professionals who always strive for excellence. Dr. Benjamin Porras is no different as he always brings his A-game. He joined the Quince Orchard Dental Family in early July 2020 and has truly enjoyed every day so far. To him, it was obvious that our practice is extremely passionate about the people who come into our office. Being our endodontist, Dr. Porras loves that the specialty care office is nearby our general office, which makes it very convenient for our patients.  

Dr. Porras attended the University of Florida and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition. Even though he did not make a career out of it, helping people is something he knew he wanted to do. He completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia. He is also grateful for the opportunity to be able to help the underserved population in North East Philadelphia. His general practice residency program was done at West Jersey Virtua Hospital in a very underserved section of Camden, New Jersey. It was then that he decided he would be best suited for the endodontic side of dentistry. He has worked in various places such as New York, New Jersey, Virginia, DC, and now Maryland. 

With joining the specialist side of Quince Orchard Dental, it was clear that Dr. Porras’ professional goals aligned with the goals of the practice, i.e helping to deliver exceptional care in an environment that is comfortable, friendly, and family-oriented. Over the years, he's had patients who would initially come in very fearful or anxious. This was mostly due to them having had a bad experience with another dentist, or being in severe pain. Dr. Porras took those opportunities to re-educate his patients to help him/her have a comfortable experience. 

So what inspired Dr. Porras’ love for dentistry? Well, his interest in dentistry started through the influence of his father. His father was also an endodontist and many of Dr. Porras’ days were spent at his office. With his father at work, Dr. Porras was able to see the development and progression of the specialty. His love for dentistry was also solidified through his appreciation of the opportunity to help patients. Helping them get out of pain and get back to their normal function such as enjoying cold foods like ice creams, always brings him great joy! 

On the personal side of things, Dr. Porras and his wife welcomed their second child earlier this year and things have been quite busy in their household! He understands and appreciates his role as a father as his own parents were shining examples of parenting done right. His parents have been influential in placing the importance of education and having a passion for helping others. These are two traits that he will be passing on to his own children. 

Since his patients are usually in a state of distress and pain, Dr. Porras’ warm and welcoming personality has helped to reassure them everything will be okay and he can help them get to their best self. Having honest and open discussions with his patients and communicating in a way that his patients understand the process, is also paramount to him. We are confident that our patients will be in capable hands. So the next time you visit our office, be sure to say hello to our newest member who is ready to take care of all your endodontic needs!

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