Use Your HSA Benefits:Prioritize Your Oral Health.

Use Your HSA Benefits:Prioritize Your Oral Health.

The end of the year is near. You may be making plans on how to relax and let some steam off. But your HSA funds have been piling up, and if you do not spend those dollars on qualified dental procedures, you could lose them entirely.

On average, those with HSA dental insurance may have a significant amount of unused money that can be utilized.  Prioritizing your oral health can not only help you put this money to good use but can also help you save a lot on underlying dental issues that you may not know you have.

A general dental cleaning is part of every routine oral checkup, but other intensive procedures like root canals, fillings and implants can set you back by quite a bit. Your HSA benefit can save you a ton of money on these procedures, and it's best to spend these tax-free funds before the year ends. Fortunately, if you start your dental procedure this year, the full procedure would be covered by those benefits even if future appointments carry into the New Year.

Keep in mind, some treatments are exempt from HSA Spending Benefits. Those would include cosmetic dental treatment and teeth whitening, however, they could be covered by an FSA (Flexible Spending Account).  

What type of visit would qualify: 

  • Teeth Cleanings/ X-Rays 
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Extractions
  • & more!  

We suggest that you consult with your specific plan for details before setting up an appointment. 

Visit the QODC website to schedule an appointment. We can help you utilize your health benefits before they run out while still keeping you smiling, quite literally.

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