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The Quince Orchard Family Is Growing - Meet Dr. Brandon Lee

The Quince Orchard Family Is Growing - Meet Dr. Brandon Lee

The Quince Orchard Family Is Growing - Meet Dr. Brandon Lee

The easy-going, curious and positive Dr. Brandon Lee was born and raised in California. For his undergraduate degree, he attended Dickinson College where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. He attended the University of Maryland School of Dentistry where he qualified for the Oral Surgery Clerkship. He then completed his one year residency at NYU Lutheran AEGD Residency - Chase Brexton Health Services. Dr. Lee is an active member of many professional associations, including American Dental Association, American Dental Education Association and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Lee joined our practice as a general dentist and was warmly welcomed as part of our family. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere was one of the main factors in his decision to join Quince Orchard Dental Care. He observed how friendly the employees were and how much they seemed to really enjoy working here as well as care for our patients. The values upheld by our practice were also shared by Dr. Lee. We are very open to listening to our patients and their concerns. We are always willing to take the time and get into detail when educating our patients, and we never try to push services on them.  We want them to be educated enough to make a decision themselves with our professional guidance. We always consider and adjust to our patients’ needs and timelines when planning their care. All of these values resonated with and are shared by Dr. Lee. The rapport between Dr. Lee and Dr. Rouhanian is incredible! Always eager to expand his clinical skills, Dr. Lee is happy to work with Dr. Rouhanian and Dr. Plesset, who are very experienced, and excellent educators and mentors. 

Why did Dr. Lee choose dentistry, you may ask? Well, Dr. Lee loves the fact that dentistry encompasses not only beautiful smiles, but also functional aspects of good health, such as improving speech, bite and jaw alignment. He gets great satisfaction from helping patients regain function, improve their dental health and quality of life. The nature of dentistry itself is something he finds intriguing. There is a lot of creativity and artistry involved; especially when it comes to reconstructing smiles. Reshaping someone’s smile, giving them their function and confidence back is very rewarding for him. He is able to identify with the needs of his patients --

in his younger years, he wore braces and was a jazz saxophone player. Once he got the braces, he had to adjust his mouth position in order to keep playing the instrument.

 Dr. Lee considers himself a hard worker, so leisure time is equally important to him. He loves spending quality time with his wife Jie. They are both major foodies and love trying new foods. He has always been really into music; he has been playing jazz saxophone for twelve years, the piano for four years and the guitar for six. You may not guess it by looking at him in his dental scrubs, but he is a very skilled fisherman. He and his younger brother Daniel have been fishing for about eleven years and their last catch was a catfish weighed a whopping 67 pounds! Dr. Lee is a strong Christian and God has played an integral role in his life. Family is also central to his life. His mother Jill taught him to be compassionate and to be assertive. His dad Ken taught him to keep a level head. His brother Daniel and wife Jie have always supported and believed in him, which has helped him to become the person he is today. Dr. Lee also believes in the power of compassion. It allows you to understand other people, to see where they are coming from, helps you to grow and serves as the foundation for other values, such as honesty and love. 

When you visit Quince Orchard Dental Care, it will be clear to you that Dr. Lee loves interacting with his patients. For him it is fun to hear about different people’s life experiences and developing relationships with them. His patients’ experience is what matters the most to him. So, if you are looking for outstanding dental services, welcoming staff and a comfortable environment, we are the practice that would love to serve you. Schedule an appointment with us here and let our family treat you like family. Dr. Lee and the rest of our team would love to have you!

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