The Quince Orchard Dental Family Wishes Dr. Plesset A Long And Healthy Retirement!

The Quince Orchard Dental Family Wishes Dr. Plesset A Long And Healthy Retirement!

In 2015, Dr. Jay Plesset joined the Quince Orchard Dental Care family. He came to our practice with 30+ years of experience and an endless amount of energy and love for his job. Over the years, he has grown professionally and personally and without a doubt, his sunny personality will be missed by all.

Dr. Plesset has decided to retire from dentistry effective from June 1, 2020. His original plan was to retire in 2025 but the current Covid-19 pandemic has forced his hand to make the decision prematurely. Considering all that is going on, along with his age and minor underlying health conditions, he felt it was the best move to make. Had the situation been different, our patients would have been given plenty of notice of his upcoming retirement.

Dr. Plesset has made a tremendous impact in the dentistry field and here at Quince Orchard Dental Care and those of us who know him are well aware of this fact. Dr. Plesset asserts that his achievements, his maturation along life’s journey, his sociable nature, and his ability to bring kindness to the table in both personal and work life, defines who he is. He chose to become a part of the Quince Orchard Dental Care group practice because our practice embodies the same values and attributes that he upholds.

Dr. Plesset’s time as a dentist was nothing short of life fulfilling. He loved being able to give patients a healthier smile and a whole lot of confidence, all in a comfortable setting. He would like to thank his patients for their trust in him and for making each day enjoyable. A special thank you to the dental hygienists Karen Mobley (30+ years), Claudia Abraham (20+ years), and Nasim Tehrani (10+ years) , all of whom worked closely with him for many years! His time with the Quince Orchard Dental team has been amazing and he would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Dr. Plesset would like to reassure his patients that they will be in great hands. Dr. Rouhanian and Dr. Lee have his full confidence, along with the rest of the Quince Orchard Dental team of course! He will be popping in the practice to say ‘hello’ to everyone once it is safe to do so. Our team and patients will certainly miss Dr. Plesset with his good-natured humor and cheery smile. It has been a great pleasure working with him! Best wishes to him and his family and we will definitely welcome him back with open arms, should he ever want to rejoin!

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