Take Your Baby To The Dentist When Their Little Teeth Start To Play Peek-a-boo

Take Your Baby To The Dentist When Their Little Teeth Start To Play Peek-a-boo

Take Your Baby to the Dentist When Their Little Teeth Start to Play Peek-a-boo!

When is the best time for your child’s first trip to the dentist? We bet it’s earlier than you think. When your toddler’s one or two lonely little teeth start to play peek-a-boo, that’s the right time to bring them to see us. 

That’s right, your child’s first check-up should come just as they’re sprouting their first lower central incisors (the middle ones on the bottom!). This peek-a-boo checkup is important, and can set the stage for a healthy future for your child.

Why so soon?

Preventive dental care starts with that first tooth. Just like an adult, it’s recommended that your baby visit a pediatric dentist about every six months. You want to make sure even baby teeth stay as healthy as possible and prevent any other problems before they start. Baby teeth are like little soldiers, holding the line for permanent teeth as they grow inside the jaw underneath the gum line. Care of baby teeth is just as important as permanent teeth as any cavities or decay can actually affect the next generation of teeth. You will also want to tell us if your child is a thumbsucker, as that can affect the growth of your child’s jaw and move teeth.

Just as important is getting your little one comfortable with dental visits. We want them to begin by having a positive experience with the dentist and our office. This helps to establish a lifetime of good oral care that will help keep their mouth (and body) healthy. 

It’s about you, too

Does your baby know the differences between the pediatric dentists in your area? Probably not. At this point, your little one has full trust in you and your choices. The idea is to find a pediatric dentist, like Quince Orchard Dental Care, where you, the parents, feel most comfortable. As pediatric dental specialists, our doctors have had additional years of training, on top of dental school, for the care of children. HE/SHE understands that treating an infant or toddler is also just as much about the parent. That’s why we do our best to make you feel that you’ve picked the right pediatric dentist, someone whom you and your child can grow with over the years, all the way up through adolescence. That means frequent, open communication, involvement in the checkup itself, and having a relationship with the team at the practice. 

Good dental care starts at home

Even with one little tooth starting to play peek-a-boo, it’s important to start instilling good habits early. Teach your child to take care of his or her teeth and gums by brushing regularly (with a soft bristle brush.) This will remove the harmful bacteria that lead to tooth decay. Okay, we understand that kids like sweets and grandma can’t resist making her grandkids happy with a few treats when she visits, but limiting the sugary or starchy snacks is also very important to good dental health.

Your child’s chewing, speech development, and self-confidence all start with a healthy set of baby teeth. At Quince Orchard Dental Care we recommend that you call us as soon as the whites of your baby’s first little tooth start to play peek-a-boo.

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