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Quince Orchard Dental Care Welcomes Ashley Davis To Our Family!

Quince Orchard Dental Care Welcomes Ashley Davis To Our Family!

Quince Orchard Dental Care Welcomes Ashley Davis To Our Family!

Ashley Davis is originally from Germantown, Maryland and is a proud alumna of  North West High School. She had started studies in nursing, with every intention of becoming a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) but after experience in the field, she decided it was not for her. Since 2013, Ashley has dedicated her time to managing dental practices. She has definitely found her place in the world of dentistry and she loves being able to interact with and assist patients. 

On September 30, 2019, Ashley proudly joined our family as our Human Resource Manager. In addition to her role as HR Manager, she will also be assisting in certain aspects of our marketing program.  She hopes to be able to take some of that load off of Dr. Rouhanian’s plate so that he would be able to give even more of his attention to his patients. Our practice has a lot of goals that she hopes she can help to achieve, to take our practice to greater heights. 

In her initial interview, there were two main things that drew Ashley to our practice. She is a mother of three and if you are a parent, you know that things can pop up from time to time. Ashley really appreciated Dr. Rouhanian and Dr. Lewis’ kindness and understanding in this regard. The other thing that stood out is the atmosphere, and we’re not just talking about the cozy temperature. Our team is not only very organized, but we’ve always had a strong sense of comradery. Ashley loved the friendly and welcoming vibe of the practice. This has also impacted our patient relationships, creating a wonderful chemistry between our patients and staff members. 

When Ashley is not busy at work, she can often be caught spending quality time with her three children and fiancé. She noted that time does fly pretty quickly so it is important to her to spend as much of it with her children as possible. Visits to the library, going to the park and settling down to some popcorn and a movie on family movie nights, are activities Ashley wouldn’t trade for the world! Her daughter has recently become very interested in learning how to cook, so cooking has now become a mother-daughter bonding session. If it wasn’t obvious enough, Ashley’s children are her world and are the very reason she stays motivated and works so hard. 

‘Hardworking’ is not the only adjective that can be used to describe Ashley. She is caring, reliable, reasonable and consistent, and looks for those same qualities in the people she surrounds herself with. Two fun facts about her are that she was a cheerleader in high school, and she also had a deep interest in modeling. When she was younger she gave up an opportunity to be in that industry and she sometimes wonders what life would be like if she had pursued that path. 

Needless to say, we are simply delighted that she chose dentistry and not the runway. We look forward to many great things from her and we warmly welcome her to our family. If you would also like to be part of our family, schedule an appointment with us today! At Quince Orchard Dental Care, we are always excited to have our family treat your family!

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