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Oral Cancer Survivors Share How Dental Visits Saved Their Lives.

Oral Cancer Survivors Share How Dental Visits Saved Their Lives.

In an article for Dentistry IQ (4/18), Amber Young writes that at age 35 “my dentist saved my life,” explaining how having her dental team offer “a panoramic x-ray and an oral cancer screening” led to being diagnosed with clear cell odontogenic carcinoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. “I would not be here today to write this article or be a crusader against oral cancer had it not been for the thorough and wonderful dental team and dentist who took the time to offer an oral cancer screening” and “educate the patient on what is in their best interest (and why),” she writes.

WBTV-TV Charlotte, NC (4/17, Tedesco) shares how a dental visit saved the life of Kirsten Price. After Kirsten noticed “a lump inside of her cheek,” her mom brought her to their family dentist, who advised she see an oral surgeon. Kirsten was diagnosed with oral cancer at age 12. She underwent surgery and is now fully recovered. The article stresses the importance of early detection, listing signs and symptoms of oral cancer not to ignore.

ADA’s resources related to oral cancers for clinicians and patients are available at ADA.org/oralcancer. Dental professionals can find additional information on oral and oropharyngeal cancer on an ADA Science Institute-developed Oral Health Topics page. In addition, a guide from the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable and the ADA lists actions dental health care providers can take concerning cancer prevention through HPV vaccination, and a CE course is available on HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer. The ADA also offers a brochure, “Get The Facts About Mouth and Throat Cancer.”

A head and neck cancer track at ADA 2018 will offer dental professionals ways to learn about their role in cancer screening, biopsy, and management. To register for this course or the meeting, visit ADA.org/meeting.

Dentists can refer patients to MouthHealthy.org, ADA’s consumer website, for information on oral cancer and HPV and oropharyngeal cancer. JADA For the Patient also includes the articles, Oral cancer: What to do if something unusual shows up and What you should know about oral cancer.

Article Source: BulletinHealthCare

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