Meet The Enthusiastic Angie De Leon.

Meet The Enthusiastic Angie De Leon.

Angelica De Leon, fondly called ‘Angie’ moved to the USA in 1998. After graduating high school, she furthered her education at her local community college where she graduated as a Medical Assistant. Her journey with Quince Orchard Dental Care began in 2014, when a friend of hers told her about an opening at a dental clinic’s front desk.  Angie applied for the position with some encouragement from her friend. Her application was successful and she was called for an interview. The rest, as they say, is history!

This is what Angie had to say about her experience, When I went for my interview, I met Clara, we “clicked” and I had a friend for life! She helped me to grow in my position and taught me many things. I grew to love the dental field and everything that Clara has taught me helped to shape me into QODC’s Scheduling Coordinator!

As QODC’s Scheduling Coordinator, Angie interacts with patients on a daily basis. She goes beyond the call of service to meet the patient’s expectations from the moment they enter the office to the time that they leave. She shares the clinic’s sentiments that every patient should be treated like family and are not just ‘another patient’. She also embodies Quince Orchard Dental’s aim of striving to meet the individual needs of every patient. 

For Angie, her greatest contribution as Scheduling Coordinator has been her 6+ years on the job. During that time she has built lasting relationships with patients and she knows most of them by name! At her desk, Angie can always be found to be in a good mood and a source of help and ease. 

Did we mention that our ‘scheduling wonder woman’ is also bi-lingual? Angie speaks Spanish and English fluently. This has enabled her to better cater to QODC’s diverse patient base.

We are always proud to call ourselves a complete health practice that not only focuses on your oral health, but also your overall health. We believe this is one thing that sets us apart from our competitors and Angie agrees! 

We are a complete practice! Our patients can receive their dental treatment without having to go from one place to another. Doctor Rouhanian has brought the best doctors to our team. Our hygienists and assistants help to educate and guide our patients towards optimal dental health. Our front desk team is very professional and knowledgeable regarding insurance. At the front, we are the first impression you will have of QODC.  It is the basis of patients’ relationships with us.  Thus, we strive to provide the best services we can and always with kindness and smiles. My main goal is to give each patient the smile that they deserve! Not only due to the exceptional dental treatment they receive but also because of the relationship we build over time.

Angie has a great sense of humor, is good-hearted, and never shies away from a  challenge. She is an avid reader and loves watching movies. She is very family-oriented and enjoys spending time with her husband, Miguel, and their two children, Santiago and Mariana. Going to the beach, hiking, and camping are some of their most beloved family activities. 

She believes that values make up a person, or as she would sagely say, “Values are your cover letter!”. Her own cherished values are respect for others, respect for life, love, liveliness, honesty, fairness, and justice. She credits her successes to her husband and her parents. 

My husband, Miguel, has always believed in me and has been an incredible partner and has cared dearly for our family. At times in my life when I have felt alone or encountered difficult situations, he has also been by my side to help through it all.”

The De Leon family having a good time outdoors

Now that you have become a bit more acquainted with Angie, be sure to say hello whenever you visit our office. She and the rest of the team would love to cater to the dental needs of you and your family! 



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