Meet Our Newest Pediatric Dentist Reeya Boolchandani!

Meet Our Newest Pediatric Dentist Reeya Boolchandani!

Quince Orchard Dental Care has hit the jackpot again by hiring one of the best pediatric dentists around. Dr. Reeya Boolchandani contributes her gentle, and engaging personality to the dynamic Quince Orchard Dental Care team and those are just a few reasons why she is the right pediatric dentist for your kid. Here is your opportunity to get to know more about Dr. Boolchandani! 

Quince Orchard Dental Care captivated Dr. Boolchandani’s interest because our practice is very patient centric, which is something she highly values. Choosing the path of dentistry is credited to her appreciation of math and science, as well as the experiences gained in her younger years by shadowing her father who is a general dentist. However, her love of interacting with children encouraged her to settle on pediatric dentistry or, in her terms, “It just felt like a great fit for me!”.

Dr. Boolchandani pursued her education outside of her hometown of Upstate, New York. Her academic adventure took her to Washington D.C, where she did her undergraduate degree at George Washington University. She returned to New York to attend dental school at The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, where she was awarded the Predoctoral Certificate of Merit from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Thereafter, she secured a spot at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. where she completed her residency in Pediatric Dentistry.

Transitioning from one state to another is never easy but Dr. Boolchandani has a number of exhilarating activities that keeps her busy. She enjoys playing tennis and biking in the great outdoors. When she is not in the open air, her time is spent trying new recipes and hanging out with family and friends. Dr. Boolchandani’s success and values come from the support and encouragement of her family which is her daily driving force. 

Dr. Boolchandani looks forward to sharing her extensive experience from treating children and adolescents in a hospital setting with Quince Orchard Dental Care. Most of all she is looking forward to engaging with her patients and seeing their smiling faces after their successful procedures. For high quality pediatric patient care visit Quince Orchard Dental Care today. Dr. Boolchandani would love to meet you and your children!

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