Meet One Of The Newest Members Of Our Team, Dr. Mahshid Majlessi!

Meet One Of The Newest Members Of Our Team, Dr. Mahshid Majlessi!

Childhood represents the important formative years of our life, and for most of us, the experiences we live through help to steer our life decisions as we grow older. For Dr. Majlessi, it was an encounter with her endodontist at the tender age of 12 when she had to get a root canal done, that cemented her decision to join the field of dentistry. Now, she has joined our team as an endodontist with over 20 years of experience in dentistry. 

Helping our patients to feel comfortable and confident with their smiles is a big goal of ours and it’s one of the reasons Dr. Majlessi fits in so well here. She likes taking care of patients, helping them to feel comfortable, and most importantly helping them relieve their pain and save their natural teeth. For those who aren’t familiar with it, endodontics is the branch of our dental practice geared towards the overall maintenance of teeth, including any damages or injuries that may occur to your dental pulp (the soft inner tissue of your teeth).

Dr. Majlessi originally started her career in Iran where she spent 6 years in dental school, following which she worked as a dentist. She studied at the Azad University, School of Dentistry in Tehran, Iran. When she moved to the United States she, unfortunately, had to start over and she attended the University of Pennsylvania. She then went on to do her specialty in Endodontics over a 3-year period at the University of Michigan. While her journey has not been easy or straightforward, she will tell you that it has been worth the ups and downs. 

When she’s not taking care of patients, Dr. Majlessi loves to spend her time exploring the outdoors. She likes to hike, bike, paint watercolors, plant, and spend time with her friends. When asked about some of the people who’ve had a particularly lasting effect on her life, she mentioned her program director at the University of Michigan as well as the dentist she saw when she was 12 who inspired her to also become a dentist. She describes herself as a calm, quiet, organized person. 

Dr. Majlessi believes in treating everybody as a member of her family. She enjoys caring for patients, no matter how young or old they may be. She doesn’t believe in doing unnecessary dental work so she takes extreme caution to ensure endodontic issues are properly diagnosed and that a treatment plan is carefully done to produce the finest, most stable results. The next time you visit our office, be sure to say hi to Dr. Majlessi!

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