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Meet Claudia Abraham, Our Competent And Adventurous Dental Hygienist!

Meet Claudia Abraham, Our Competent And Adventurous Dental Hygienist!

Meet Claudia Abraham, Our Competent And Adventurous Dental Hygienist!

Certain experiences mold us as children. For Claudia Abraham, one such experience was being a patient of an excellent pediatric dentist in her homeland of Brazil. At just seven years old, she had already started to gravitate towards the dentistry field. After migrating to the US in 1993, Claudia focused her attention on attaining her dream of working in the dental field. In 2004, she graduated valedictorian in Dental Hygiene from Allegany College of Maryland.

May 2019 will mark five incredible years since Claudia joined the Quince Orchard Dental Care family. She is very proud to have been part of the practice’s development and expansion over the years. She describes each day as having its own rewards and trials which she finds gratifying. As a dental hygienist, Claudia is usually one of the first persons the patients have any interaction with. She enjoys assessing the unique dental needs of each and every patient, which allows for the dentist to develop a custom treatment plan. Claudia’s professional goal is to see her patients achieve maximum overall health which she believes begins with quality dental care.

Working at Quince Orchard Dental Care has been a great experience as Claudia describes our team here as “an excellent group of people who’re all dedicated to the well being of patients whilst trying to anticipate their needs and fulfilling them”. She lauded Dr. Rouhanian for providing a comfortable and welcoming environment not only for the patients but the staff as well. Claudia and the others are elated to be part of a dental practice that treats staff and patients with equal importance.

An interesting fact about Claudia is that she has always been one to work hard and play harder! In her leisure time she likes to do gardening, hiking and spending time with family. She also has a feeling of wanderlust as travelling and going on great adventures is a favorite pastime of hers. She enjoys exploring the Caribbean on cruises and travelling to various states in the US. Next stop, Italy! It has always been her dream to travel there and practically everyone knows it.

One of her most memorable experiences whilst travelling was being able to hold an African green, or “vervet” monkey (as pictured) in the twin-island nation of St Kitts and Nevis.

Claudia has great admiration for her mother Maria do Monte, who made countless sacrifices for her and her brother. Her mother taught her to always keep moving forward and do the best she can. Claudia has certainly been doing the best she can as she strives to be honest, humble, a good friend, a wonderful listener and a dedicated dental professional. These are traits she admires in other people and staying true to them provides an excellent compass for both her professional and personal life. If you’ve ever interacted with Claudia then you already know what has been written here. We’re elated to have Claudia as an integral member of our Quince Orchard Dental Care family and encourage you to say hello next time you are in!

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