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Meet Casey Galante, The Glue That Keeps Our Office Running Smoothly!

Meet Casey Galante, The Glue That Keeps Our Office Running Smoothly!

Meet Casey Galante, The Glue That Keeps Our Office Running Smoothly!

Casey Galante is a native of  New Jersey who graduated from Rutgers University in 2013 with a Bachelors in Sociology  with Honors (Magna Cum Laude). In July 2015, Casey joined the Quince Orchard Dental Care family and has had an amazing journey so far. Over the past three and a half years, Casey has loved getting to know our patients’ stories and backgrounds. Dentistry is a very interesting field and she has been educated and amazed at how one’s teeth/mouth can affect the rest of the body in so many different ways. She is very happy to have a career with a practice that allows her to express her passionate and committed nature.

Casey is especially proud to have assisted in the recent expansion of Quince Orchard Dental Care and more specifically in the introduction of our dental sleep medicine program. Dr. Rouhanian’s goal to start a dental sleep medicine program, with Casey’s assistance, was finally realized last year. Casey has also worked hard to get the office credentialed for this with Medicare. Already many patients have reported improved sleep thanks to oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea. Casey along with our entire team are super excited to continue to see this portion of the practice grow and to help even more patients in the months and years to come!

Casey comes from a family of eight and credits her parents for her motivated nature. Her father worked very hard every single day to allow her mother to stay at home to care and provide for her and her siblings. Her parents taught her from a very young age what hard work is and where it can get you. Casey strongly believes in honesty, hard work and always trying your best, which are principles she and her husband have instilled in their two children as well. Her family thoroughly enjoys her home cooked meals as Casey is also an excellent cook! Casey’s energy is simply unmatched and our staff and patients benefit from her being a part of the Quince Orchard Dental Care family.

Quince Orchard Dental Care is passionate about providing the best possible service to our patients. Casey is a crucial piece of that puzzle and it is true that she is the glue that keeps us together and keeps the practice running smoothly each and every day. One wish she has for our patients is for them to take their oral health more seriously, or as seriously as they take the rest of their body’s health as poor oral health can lead to so many other issues in the body. Next time you are in, be sure to say hi to Casey, now that you know her better, she love to get to know you better as well!

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