Introducing Our Newest Dental Assistant, Natalie Calero Urbina!

Introducing Our Newest Dental Assistant, Natalie Calero Urbina!

At Quince Orchard Dental Care, we pride ourselves on producing the best dental care to our patients. In order to do this, we had to hire the best, caring and qualified members to add to our team. Our dental assistant, Natalie, is qualified and extremely efficient at what she does. You may know Natalie as a professional, but we get to introduce you to who Natalie is outside the office!

Natalie’s life did not have a picture perfect start, as one would think. Her parents were immigrants from Central America who managed to build a comfortable life in Maryland for Natalie and her siblings, but this was the motivation Natalie needed to keep going. 

Natalie spent all her life in the state of Maryland. She attended highschool in Germantown, however, after graduating, she was unsure of what her next move was going to be so she tried working in retail for a while. Upon realizing that retail was not for her, she pursued something more that was long term and career oriented, so she went to school for medical assisting. However, Natalie was still on the hunt for something that suited her. She became a receptionist at a dental practice. “This was it!”, she thought, “Dentistry is my niche.” Fueled by determination to build a career in dentistry, she completed a course in dental assisting and started working as a Dental Assistant at a Pediatric Office. Natalie then decided to take the skills and experiences she gathered there to Quince Orchard Dental Care, where she started in March 2021. 

There are many people who secure jobs because of money and other materialistic reasons, but after working as a receptionist at a dental office she was encouraged to pursue the field. She had a genuine appreciation for dentistry but was attracted to Quince Orchard Dental Care because of the friendly, supportive and dependable team, as well as the environment where everyone is always eager to render assistance. Natalie is self-motivated and knows how to keep on pushing because her newest aspiration is to become a dental hygienist and her greatest accomplishment, thus far, is being able to acquire her Radiology License.

On a typical Sunday morning, you can find Natalie relaxing outside with a cup of coffee , once the weather allows. Aside from that, she spends her free time watching movies, spending time with her fiancé ,Tony and her family and taking care of her dogs, Coco and Mila. She enjoys taking in new sites and cultures while traveling, also taking trips to the zoo and aquarium, but there’s a fun fact that you need to know about Natalie… She is a huge fan of the Marvel films!

Aside from being kind, caring and determined, Natalie is a strong advocate of Carpe Diem. She advises that everyone should enjoy what they do in life, which is why she appreciates her job so much. We at Quince Orchard Dental Care are very happy to have such an awesome team member as Natalie on board. At your next appointment, be sure to ask Natalie about the Marvel Universe! 

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