How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During The COVID-19 Outbreak

How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Good dental hygiene might not be in the front of your mind in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. That could change quickly if you develop a painful cavity and can’t get in to see a dentist.

“I understand that this isn’t the most normal of times, but it’s very important to control the things we can right now,” H. Dieu Luong, DDS, a New Jersey-based dentist, told Healthline. “On a long list of things in these trying times is oral care.”

Generally speaking, dentists’ advice is to maintain a daily routine of brushing teeth and flossing to prevent tooth decay.

“The main objective is very simple: plaque control,” Daniel Rodda, DDS, owner of Oasis Dental Care in Flagstaff, Arizona, told Healthline.

He advises brushing teeth twice daily and flossing once per day.

“If you haven’t already, make the switch to an electric toothbrush — and brush your teeth for 2 minutes,” Faraj Edher, DDS, a prosthodontist in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, told Healthline. “This has shown to offer the highest levels of oral hygiene, which is crucial at a time when you aren’t seeing your dentist or hygienist for cleanings and checkups.”