Happy Holidays From Us Here At QODC!

Happy Holidays From Us Here At QODC!

Looking back to 2022, we are grateful to our community, our valued patients, staff and partners for continuing to support Quince Orchard Dental Care as we work to improve the overall oral health of our patients. We are committed to keeping your dental hygiene a priority and plan to focus on continued education for us and our patients. With new website resources, making the patient experience even easier, access to quality dental care is available to everyone in our community.  The future looks very bright! 

At Quince Orchard Dental Care (QODC) the growing number of patients throughout 2022, has only added to our repertoire. With a specific place for each and every member of the family, we are truly honored to be a multi-specialty practice. The addition of exciting new services like BOTOX (Botulinum toxin) has enhanced our outreach and helped us incorporate new and innovative solutions that will result in greater comfort and better quality of life. At QODC we always aim to have a genuine relationship building between the patient and the doctor in a relaxed atmosphere. This enhances quality dental care, which is always a priority for us.

Over the years, dental hygiene has always been an area we focus on and give a lot of attention to. Continued education for our staff is something we are very proud of, and we work hard to incorporate all that we learn as best practices into our dental hygiene department. We hope this trickles down to our patients, who can implement good dental hygiene habits into their everyday lives. Our ultimate goal at QODC is improved overall health and a practice that equips you with all the knowledge you need to maintain your teeth or dental work.

The growth of Quince Orchard Dental Care brings positive advancements for the practice and easy ways to access quality patient care. Our new website allows our patients to request appointments online, which makes it very convenient! The improved accessibility has helped us expand our practice and build a strong vision for the future of QODC. The dental care you need with experienced providers in a comfortable environment is just a click away!

 We look forward to 2023 and what the future brings for Quince Orchard Dental Care. Dr. Rouhanian's role at the practice continues to evolve, and he is focused on training and educating dentists to provide the highest level of dental care, even beyond his own patient chair. There are some exciting announcements you can expect to hear soon, so make sure you stay connected with us. Thank you for your continued support!

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