Favorite Toothbrushes For Kids Of Every Age

Favorite Toothbrushes For Kids Of Every Age

Dental health is important at every age and it’s never too early to begin instilling good tooth brushing habits in your children. And at Quince Orchard Dental Care, when we say it’s never too early, we mean it. Below we list some of our favorite toothbrushes for every age.



You may have heard that you should  start rubbing a damp cloth on baby gums even before the first little tooth pops out. While we agree on the timing, we recommend a wet, soft bristle finger brush instead of a cloth. The FridaBaby SmileFrida Finger Toothbrush is a great option. Recommended for babies 3 months and up this colorful tool cleans teeth and gums with double-sided brush. It also helps you develop good oral hygiene habits for your child. It even comes with a handy stand for easy storage.

For babies up to 6-18 months we also recommend the Baby Banana Toothbrush. It’s a training brush that’s also a good teether. This brush also comes in many other styles and colors.



By the time your baby is two-years-old they will probably want to brush by themselves. Toothbrushes made for your toddler should have a head that is small enough to fit in their mouth and larger, easy-to-hold handles. Many come with a soft grip to make it even easier for your little one to manage by himself. At this age they will probably still need your help to ensure a good brushing but it’s one more step to independence.

There are many styles and brands on the market. We recommend the Colgate Kids Toothbrush. It has extra soft bristles and a suction cup holder. It also features fun Minions characters.


Ages 5 to 8

By the time your child is five-years-old they should be able to handle toothbrushing duties all on their own, with supervision. To allow them maximum independence, we recommend a toothbrush that has an easy-to-hold handle and a brush head that fits their mouth. It should also be designed for baby teeth and adult teeth.

The Radius Totz Brush is perfect for kids on the younger end of the spectrum.

The American Dental Association (ADA) actually suggests electric toothbrushes for older kids to help them be more efficient at cleaning teeth. We recommend the Quip Kids electric toothbrush.



At this point, kids are used to brushing by themselves and the choices are very similar to adult toothbrushes with some slight differences. The heads are slightly smaller and handles are a bit longer. Both electric and manual toothbrushes are acceptable. An electric toothbrush is recommended if your child is still struggling with good tooth care.

A cool electric toothbrush is the Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. This brush is Bluetooth enabled with an interactive app that educates and gets kids excited about brushing. It’s definitely more expensive than manual brushes, but we’re a big fan. (Lists for around $50)

If you are eco-minded and not interested in an electric model, then the EcoFrenzy bamboo toothbrush for kids might be a good choice.

While these are all just our suggestions, there are plenty of great toothbrushes on the market for a child of every age. If you’re unsure about a brand or style we’d be happy to help you pick the right one or make more recommendations.

And, remember  that it’s never too early to start your little one’s oral health care. Visits to the dentist should start when that first tooth pops, or by age 1. At Quince Orchard Dental Care, we are well versed in oral care for our littlest patients up to our teens and we’d love to meet your family! Call us at +1 (301)-527-2727 or click below to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you and your little one! 

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