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Brushing Teeth For Kids: Stay-at-Home Edition

Below are some ideas to make sure toothbrushing remains fun (and effective!) for your little ones

Brushing Teeth For Kids: Stay-at-Home Edition

Brushing Teeth For Kids: Stay-at-Home Edition

You’re stuck inside. There’s a mass scramble to keep your kids occupied, educated, active and fed...but what about oral hygiene? If you’re kids are like ours, we know the routine can become a struggle when everything else is out of whack. Below are some ideas to make sure toothbrushing remains fun (and effective!) for your little ones: 


New toothbrush! Next grocery run or order you place, add a new toothbrush to the cart. Everyone loves a bit of novelty. Or, if you’re a Quip user, get a matching one for your kid!


New toothpaste - Tom’s Kids toothpaste comes in a variety of fun flavors from Strawberry to Mango. OralB makes fruit punch and Quip makes watermelon! Maybe let your kids try your grown-up flavor for a fun change - just make sure they don’t swallow it! 


Superhero Brushing: 

  • Superman: make a cape and hold your kiddo in the air like they’re flying while they brush. 
  • Spiderman: let them hang upside down off the couch while brushing (Pro tip: have a cup ready for spitting and get ready for laughter)
  • WonderWoman: get a jump rope and swing the lasso of truth around them...they can’t stop brushing until they truthfully tell you they’re all clean! 


Space Brushing:

Watch this cool video to learn how astronauts brush in space, then brush with the lights out! 


Construction Worker Brushing:

Pull out a step-stool/ladder and put it in the bathroom - let your kid climb it to see the mirror and brush. 


Dance Party Brushing:

Pick out a great song (like I Love Rock n Roll or We Will Rock You, etc) and blast it while you brush. Kids can’t stop brushing until the song is over. 


Artist Brushing:

Draw / Paint pictures of tooth brushing or the dentists office and look at them while you brush. If you do this one, please take pictures and send them our way! We’d love to feature you on our social media!! 


Virtual Brushing:

Video call with a friend or family member who can brush along with you. 


We may be stuck inside but our smiles are still contagious. Hopefully these tips will keep you smiling bright with your kiddos. We can’t wait to see you all again soon. 


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