Are My Child’s Baby Teeth On Schedule?

Are My Child’s Baby Teeth On Schedule?

Every baby has all 20 of their primary teeth in their jaw at birth. When they start to poke through the gum (what we dentists call eruption) is another story.

While your infant is most likely on nobody’s idea of a perfect schedule (you probably found that out by now!) it’s important to have a guideline as to what to expect and when to expect it. Your child’s teeth are no exception. So, even though your baby has had the beginnings of his first little teeth just waiting below the surface since before he was born, those little pearly white nubs should sprout according to a general timeline.

Between 6-12 months

Your baby’s first lower central incisors should come out around 6 months or so. This happens to be right around the time we recommend your child’s first check-up. (We want to get a look at those teeth as soon as possible.) Next, you would expect the upper central incisors to show up followed by upper and lower lateral incisors. By your baby’s first birthday he might have all eight front teeth (4 top front teeth and 4 bottom front teeth). At a minimum you should have had your first check-up with the dentist before your baby turns one-year-old.

Between 16-24 months

The next set of teeth that will erupt will be his first molars and then the upper and lower canine teeth. If you’re keeping count that makes 16 teeth by now. Remember teeth usually erupt in pairs, one on the right and the other on the left side of the mouth. This time frame is when we see a lot of variability in kids. So again, don’t worry if your child isn’t following the textbook time frames. The timing of eruption is less important than the order of the teeth eruptions. Your dentist will guide you on your child’s particular erupting timeline.

After 2-years-old

Finally the last primary teeth to come up are the second molars. That completes the set with 20 teeth. For every 6 months you can expect about 4 teeth to erupt until the entire set comes in.

Below is a handy chart from the American Dental Association that shows the approximate timeline when your baby’s teeth should start erupting.

Your child’s chewing, speech development, all start with a healthy set of baby teeth. At Quince Orchard Dental Care  we recommend that you call us as soon as you see the whites of your baby’s first little tooth pop.

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