When Should You Bring Your Baby To The Dentist

Quince Orchard Dental Care | 09/12/2019

If you’re asking yourself this question, rest assured, you’re not alone. You also don’t have to guess. There’s a lot of advice out there. We’re about to cut through the clutter for you.


Meet The Amazing New Members Of The Quince Orchard Dental Family!

Staff | 08/11/2019

We love to invest in our pediatric patients’ dental health! Get to know our newest Pediatric Dental Hygienists, Kayla and Jessica!


8 Secrets To A Successful Back-to-School Dental Checkup

American Dental Association | 08/11/2019

Back-to-school checkup is key in fighting the most common chronic disease found in school-age children: cavities.


Keep Your Smile As Bright As The Fireworks This 4th Of July

Staff | 07/03/2019

Fireworks, food and fun...the 4th of July is one of the most-anticipated holidays of the year. While you’re out having fun, remember that your teeth aren’t invincible and you should always take preventative measures to keep your smile bright.


It's Not Just Soda: Drinking Too Much Fruit Juice (or Any Sugary Drink) Linked To Premature Death Ri

Susan Scotti | 07/03/2019

Drinking too many sugary beverages, including 100% natural fruit juice with no added sugars, is related to an increased risk of early death, according to a study, published in the journal JAMA Network Open.


Summer Is A Great Time To Get Dental Work Done Before Heading Back To School

Staff | 06/28/2019

Get the healthiest and brightest smile for your kids this summer, before they head back to school.


Choose A Custom-Designed Mouth Guard For Sports

Anne Maria Wynter | 06/28/2019

For athletes of all ages, a mouth guard is an essential item when it comes to preventing tooth damage and other injuries in and around the mouth.


Meet Our Compassionate Dental Hygienist, Nasim Tehrani

Staff | 06/01/2019

Get to know another valuable member of  the Quince Orchard Dental Care team, Nasim Tehrani.


Easing Dental Fear In Adults

WebMD (Reviewed By Michael Friedman, DDS) | 06/01/2019

If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone. Between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear. Indeed, it is a universal phenomenon!


Meet Claudia Abraham, Our Competent And Adventurous Dental Hygienist!

Staff | 05/04/2019

Claudia has always been one to work hard and play harder! Get to know our super efficient and adventurous dental hygienist who has always been part of making Quince Orchard Dental Care bigger and better!


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