Charcoal Toothpaste: Why The Risks Outweigh The Benefits

Amanda Capritto | 01/24/2020

The word ‘charcoal’ is no longer only synonymous with backyard barbeques but also with whiter teeth! If you jumped on the bandwagon of the charcoal toothpaste fad, here’s why the risks may outweigh the benefits...


The Truth About Pacifiers, Thumb-sucking, And Dental Health


For a new parent the amount of information that comes at you about your baby’s health can be overwhelming. Just when you think you’re well-informed, someone shares an article on social media or you read about new research in a parenting magazine, making you question if you’re really doing the right thing for your baby.

For example, there’s a lot of debate out there over pacifiers and thumbsucking. In this article, we unpack the truth about how these activities might affect your baby’s dental health.


End Of Year Message From Dr. Rouhanian

Staff | 12/19/2019

This year has been incredibly good for the Quince Orchard Dental Care family. We recently celebrated our 8th year in business, moved to a bigger office space, expanded our staff count and hit a MAJOR milestone!


Nearly All Toddlers, And The Majority Of Babies, Eat Too Much Added Sugar In The US

Sandee LaMotte, CNN | 12/19/2019

The American Heart Association recommends that children less than two years of age not have access to any added sugars, which includes any sweeteners that don't naturally occur in food.


Celebrating 8 Years Of Outstanding Dental Care!

Staff | 11/22/2019

In celebration of its eight years in business, Quince Orchard Dental Care has taken things up a notch with the opening of its new state-of-the-art dental office to better serve you, our valued patients!


If You Hate Floss, It’s O.K. To Try These Alternatives

Sarah Witman | 11/22/2019

Experts with the A.D.A. and the C.D.C. told us five things to try if you hate regular floss — and what you should avoid.


Quince Orchard Dental Care Welcomes Ashley Davis To Our Family!

Staff | 10/17/2019

Here is what you need to know about our Human Resource Manager, Ashley Davis.


Dental Infections In Kids Tied To Heart Disease Risk In Adulthood

Lisa Rapaport | 10/17/2019

Children who develop cavities and gum disease may be more likely to develop risk factors for heart attacks and strokes decades later than kids who have good oral health, a recent study suggests.


The Quince Orchard Family Is Growing - Meet Dr. Brandon Lee

Staff | 09/17/2019

Competent and outgoing, here’s everything you need to know about Dr. Brandon Lee!


How To Sanitize Your Toothbrush (Because It's Grosser Than You Think)

Caylin Harris | 09/17/2019

Considering your toothbrush’s primary job is to remove bacteria from your mouth, here’s how you can disinfect it easily...


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