How To Deal With Your Child's Chipped Tooth | 11/22/2021

A chipped tooth isn't uncommon for toddlers as they grow up and learn to play independently. If this sounds like you and your little one, relax, and read below. We got your child and their tooth covered.


Meet Our Newest Pediatric Dentist Reeya Boolchandani!

Staff | 11/16/2021

Our Quince Orchard Dental Care family has grown! We are pleased to introduce our newest dynamic member, Dr. Reeya Boolchandani. Here’s what you need to know about our new fun and gentle Pediatric Dentist!


X-Rays For Children | 11/16/2021

Let’s end the speculations behind x-rays. Learn why X-ray procedures are important to pediatric dental health.


Did You Know Your Dental Insurance Benefits Do Not Roll Over?

Staff | 11/02/2021

If you don't use all of your dental insurance benefits this year, you lose them forever! That's right - no dental benefit plan we know of allows you to carry unused benefits over to the following year, so don't let those remaining benefits go to waste!


Do Braces Help Treat TMD? | 11/02/2021

Do you have painful jaw joints, popping and cracking sounds coming from your jaw, jaw stiffness, facial pain, and or headaches? These are some of the common symptoms of temporomandibular disorder (TMD)...


Get Care Beyond Brushing And Flossing With Perio Protect!

Staff | 10/19/2021

At Quince Orchard Dental Care, we believe that amazing dental care involves the products we use on our patients! Our shelves are stocked with Perio Protect. Learn more about it here!


How Preventive Dentistry Keeps Teeth Clean At Any Age | 10/19/2021

Ever wondered what preventive dental care entails? Check out this article for more!


Introducing Our Newest Dental Assistant, Natalie Calero Urbina!

Staff | 09/28/2021

Our dental family is growing! We recently welcomed an experienced, caring and hardworking dental assistant- Natalie Calero Urbina. Get to know her here!


Fluoride: Friend Or Foe?

General Dentist Donald Gundlach | 09/28/2021

Fluoride is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to the world of dentistry. You’ve probably heard a bit on both sides of the spectrum: one, that fluoride is not necessary, and the other, that fluoride is good for your oral health...


La Odontología Trata Sobre La Salud Corporal Completa, No Solamente De Los Dientes

Quince Orchard Dental Care | 09/21/2021

La salud dental no se trata únicamente de tener unos dientes aperlados hermosos. Mientras que el enfoque de nuestro consultorio está en los dientes, la mandíbula, y la boca, en Quince Orchard Dental Care sabemos también que el cuidado dental es importante para el bienestar general del cuerpo.


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